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The Homœopathic Pharmacopœia of the United States

Overview, continued

HPCUS Revision Service Contents

The HPUS contains approximately 1300 individual Drug Monographs along with the General Pharmacy which encompasses official manufacturing techniques for all recognized product types and dosage forms. The HPUS currently stands at four volumes. The HPUS is divided into two sections, General Pharmacy and Drug Monographs.

General Pharmacy contains all official manufacturing procedures for all official homeopathic dosage forms as well as Labeling, Guidelines and Administrative information helpful to the reader. In addition, criteria and procedures for inclusion in the HPUS are published. The General Pharmacy contains a helpful table which lists each official drug along with Guidelines for potencies to be sold Rx, non-prescription and for external use only, alcohol percentages, and manufacturing methods.

Drug Monographs encompass over 1300 official substances. Each monograph lists complete identifying data for the drug as well as specific manufacturing standards. A newly developed section on Standards and Controls is also being implemented. Purchase of the HPUS requires an annual subscription to keep your text updated and official. Updates are issued once or twice per year as required. Annual subscription updates are required to keep your HPUS Revision Service current and official.

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