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The Homœopathic Pharmacopœia of the United States

Index of the HPUS

  • Acknowledgments
    Introduction to the HPUS Revision Service
    Articles of Incorporation of the HPCUS
    Membership of the HPCUS
    HPCUS Administrative and Operational Committee Membership
    Criteria for Eligibility of Drugs for Inclusion in the HPUS
    HPCUS Guidelines for Homeopathic Drug Provings
    HPCUS Outline for Protocols for Homeopathic Drug Provings
    Guidelines for Clinical Verification
    Official Monograph Review Procedure for the HPUS
    Sample Monograph
    General Pharmacy
    Homeopathic Good Manufacturing Practices
    Labeling Guidelines
    Standards and Controls
    Table of Alcohol Strength, Manufacturing Class and Dispensing Potencies for Monographs recognized by the HPCUS
    Index of Contemporary Names and Synonyms